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Review on my selection of AB and LO.

After viewing the work done by my colleagues, I have to say that everyone did a good job. The presentation of work was varied, with her came to know some media publication that did not know and I found quite interesting. Highlight the Prezzi GoAnimate the tools that will try to use in other situations.


To choose the LO, I used the criterion: message publish / representative picture of the message / aspect of the presentation.

My favorite excuse the other colleagues, is the LO of John and Maria Carla, because they are well done, showing two very different tools, where.
In the construction and layout, highlight the LO of Hugo, who made a beautiful presentation for the promotion of distance learning, mixing the message to the image, which is worth a thousand words.
But my preference, I note the LO of António Pedro, because he can combine into a dynamic presentation, which also did not know, the message to pass, the image and a concrete example of the implementation of cooperative dichotomy of freedom in our society.
The tool, add a mix to create power point slide, which gives us the freedom to create their own slides with images created by us and with the addition of pictures toonlet.
Board a navigation bar on the slides which is very useful. Finally, the message passing was well structured, it can demonstrate the difference between a cooperative work of a collaborative work. The use of geometric patterns with the comic, we see the final work of the use of two types of work and what are its disadvantages.



After analyzing the AB's colleagues, and like most focused on the same topics, I decided to choose the one that had a structure that would please me. So, I chose to structure the colleague Cecilia Thomas, because it divides the literature on three relevant topics with content relevant to study this course.


Annoted Bibliographie - Topic 1: Difference between collaborative and cooperative learning

Annoted Bibliographie - Topic 2: Types of work in learning

Annoted Bibliographie - Topic 3: Cooperative learning in online environment

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