terça-feira, 16 de março de 2010

Activity 1- Cooperative Freedom

Leave my work written in English and Portuguese so that they can see the two languages in order to facilitate work.


Dalsgaard, Christian and Paulsen, Morten Flate-2009 Transparency in Cooperative Online Education

This article wants to demonstrate that there can be no freedom in cooperative learning environments, if there is no transparency in the information collected by each participant in the virtual world. Sharing content, thoughts, images, videos, etc.. Through Web2 tools is meaningless but actually there is transparency about what is shared.

The cooperation can not succeed if there is no sharing of good things, but it is also necessary to control this transparency. Transparency means that the work of users can be seen by everyone, but you see the work of others. Transparency can also contribute to improving the quality of learning, because we can encourage us, because our work is seen by many people, but also learn from others, how to get aid through the rapid feedback received.

Highlight the following image that represents the degree of transparency according to the group.

Also highlight the following chart representative of the definition of how we can socialize in an online context, or as rooted in the projects for which we fight. The variation of our affinity with the virtual environments and our flexibility to the individual "group" will make our interaction with the educational communities are collaborative, cooperative, or just individualistic.

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