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Unit 1 - Cooperative Freedom - Activity 4 - One-Question-Interview (1QI)

One-Question Interview (1QI) the educational agents related to distance education in Portugal or abroad.

After thinking about who would question on this theme, I decided to do a web search. I found the names (Prof. José Palma and Engineer Martinha Piteira) as teachers / trainers in the Superior Technical School of Setúbal through the Workshop "A Methodology for Greater Flexibility in Higher Education: Strategies for Distance Education" and the GTS - Center for E-Learning the ESTSetúbal.

I realized, in accordance with the objectives, which have in their hands the paper to encourage the development and application of distance learning in this institute, emphasizing Flexlearn methodology allows the implementation of the methodologies and / b-learning.

So, I asked them to master this collaboration by addressing the following questions:
Also informed that if they participate in the response, it will be placed in the Forum of school and in my Blog

Q1 - In the context of distance learning, the theory of cooperative freedom distinguishes between individual learning, collaborative or cooperative within EAD, and may be influenced by 6 vectors of freedom (Time, Space, Rhythm Progression, Environment, Access and Curriculum). As your EST-learning's mission, manage, facilitate and enhance the efforts of faculty ESTSetúbal towards the use of methodologies and technologies for distance learning, and your experience before I come to ask:

1 - Teachers who have adhered to the methodology of distance education, tend to choose more of e-Learning methodology or the methodology of the b-learning?

2 - In the choices of these methodologies, as it is managed by teachers, assessment of students in both contexts? It is more relevant a cooperative / collaborative groups of students, or an individual work of a student?

Prof. Morten, what do you think of the idea? Still do not know if I will respond.
Happy Easter to everyone.
Joaquim Pinto

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