sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Unit 2: Online Teaching Techniques - Activity 2

The construction of the LO

To accomplish this LO, I had to first perform a reading of the literature found, then tried to extract information from succinct theory about learning techniques online. After researched websites and blogs with information on techniques used throughout the world.
Subsequently, the tool chosen for their presentation. I selected a tool available on-line, EMPRESS, which lets you create slideshows.
I tried a background image for the submission, choose the transit time between slides, the transition mode of slides and subsequently started to enter text. The Empress, allows sharing and embed in our blog.

Purpose of the LO

This LO is the first part a set of theories about teaching online and in the second part a set of tools used in the world of e-learning. Being in some of them explained everything should be done to implement these techniques.

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