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Unit 2: Online Teaching Techniques - Activity 3

Hello, teacher and classmates.
After viewing the work done by colleagues, I have to say that the choice was not easy, since the diversity is varied.
Since the new tools that I discovered, as Vuvox, Glogster, Mindomo, Empressr, Brain Flips, etc.. And the different approaches to the subject, has hampered the task of choice. Honestly, my choice would be charged on several AB's and LO's.

My criteria for choosing the AB were determined, taking into account:
- Diversity of literature;
- Relevance of the Bibliography;
- Presentation.

My criteria for choosing the LO were determined according to the colleagues who presented:
- Presentation of online teaching techniques;
- Images instructive;
- Video tutorials, which is practical at the expense of videos with long speeches and boring.
- Organization of presentation;
- Innovation in the tool used;
- Introduction of quiz on the subject.

Using the criteria of choice, this time the focus A selection:

AB - Antonio Pedro

LO - Maria Joao Spilker (LO's included Carla Elias, Maria Leal, Hugo, Paula, Antonio Pedro, Ana Morgado, Isabel Butters) (In Category Quiz highlight LO Ana Marmeleiro, Lauriza Cecilia Thomas)

Keep up the good work

Joaquim Pinto

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