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Unit 2: Online Teaching Techniques - Activity 1 - Versão Inglesa

This unit, whose main purpose is to publicize the possible techniques and methods of teaching online, but also discover a little progress on these techniques, as with the evolution of technology, nothing is stagnant.

AB1 - To start the study, started by the literature referenced by our professor Morten FP. With the partial reading of the book Online Education and Learning Management Systems, more specifically the chapter Teaching Techniques Online, I found that there are a variety of techniques to use in a process of learning online, but also a variety of opinions according to the experience of authors who defend them.


Teaching Techniques Discussed by McCreary and Van Duren

Teaching Techniques Discussed by Harasim

Teaching Techniques Discussed by Rekkedal and Paulsen

Teaching Techniques Discussed by Kaye

According to Rapaport (1991), the classification of these techniques are organized according to the four communication paradigms used in CMC.
The paradigms are divided into:

- The Online Resource Paradigm
- The E-mail Paradigm
- The Bulletin Board Paradigm
- The Conferencing Paradigm

Bulletin Boards, Computer Conferencing, Electronic Mail, and Information Retrieval.
Harasim (1989), in his paper Collaborative Learning Horizon, distinguishes learning techniques one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many.
This resulted in the following table.

AB2 - Following on the research, to highlight the following Web site belonging to the institution, St John's University, which gives us a set of tips and principles for teachers to improve their practice in teaching online.

AB3 - Queen's University, through its center for teaching and learning accounts consist of all the techniques mentioned above in AB1. But also has other resources for consultation, a lot of interesting:

AB4 - Also spotted a network of distance learning, where we can find strategies and activities for teacher education can apply online.

AB5 - So that everyone can test your knowledge of online teaching techniques, the highlight of our teacher Quizz.


This article talks about the need to create, but also put into practice new teaching strategies online, so that there is success in its implementation, while not discarding the traditional support of learning.

AB7 - Moodle Teaching Techniques: Creative Ways to Use Moodle for Constructing Online Learning Solutions

Although it is an educational resource closed, because we have to buy the book, I think it is very relevant in its disclosure. Through the index one can therefore learn the techniques online learning that a teacher can use a platform moodle.

In short, we can say that there are a multitude of possible techniques that can be used in CMC environments, however, according to Morten FP, group projects, lectures, correspondence and studies using the database, the teaching techniques were more used online. It is a matter of choice.

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