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Unit 1 - Cooperative Freedom - Activity 4 - One-Question-Interview (1QI) (PARTE 2)

Hello teacher, I will again try to get an answer to questions about Theory of Freedom Cooperative.

Questions were directed to Professor Rui Vitória-trainer, trainer in the areas of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in the area of Santarém.

Hello, my name and Joaquim Pinto and I'm degree in Basic Education Teachers variant Mathematics / Natural Sciences and I am attending the Master in Pedagogy of E-learning at the Open University (MPEL4).

The Course - Pedagogical Processes in E-learning, given by Professor Morten Flate Paulsen, defender of the Theory of Online Education - Freedom Cooperative asked us (students) who do a One-Question-Interview (1QI) to agents relating to the educational distance education in Portugal or abroad.

As a teacher-trainer of teachers in areas of ICT, I come to request your cooperation in this master by answering the following questions:

Inform also that participate in the response, it will be placed in the Forum of school and in my Blog Masters

Q1 - In a context of distance learning, the theory of cooperative freedom distinguishes between individual learning, collaborative or cooperative within EAD, and may be influenced by six vectors of freedom (Time, Space, Rhythm Progression, Environment, Access and Curriculum).

The various courses in ICT (Information and Communication), which manages activities are synchronous (face) and asynchronous activities using the LMS, in which case the platform Moodle, identifying this as an educational process of b-learning methodology.

1 - In your experience, the majority of his students that provides training, are teachers of various educational levels. How their students have accepted the use of learning platforms as a means to share and gain knowledge?

2 - In the organization of training courses, there are careful to promote some particular types of learning (individual, collaborative or cooperative) listed on the Theory of Freedom Cooperative?

Given the wealth of your experience and introducing new methods of learning, I had to do more of a question, but would have more to do. I ask again for your participation.
Yours sincerely

Joaquim Pinto

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