domingo, 23 de maio de 2010

Unit 3: Transparency in Online Education - Activity 3 -Review LO

The selection criteria for the LO, which I used for my choice were the following:

- Contents theorists addressed;
- Organization of presentation;
- Presentation of new techniques of online teaching;
- Images instructive;
- Quality of the videos submitted.

Using the selection criteria, choose the LO of Hugo Domingos:

Hugo did a good job and a good graph theoretical work, which enabled him to create a well structured LO.
Using as a starting point to online learning at NKI practiced, and the use of fictitious students in learning context, Hugo can explain the practical importance of transparency in the process of learning.

From the example of student Erica, who was not satisfied with learning only with teachers, Hugo was able to explain in the following slides, which is transparency online, how can you promote it, how can we be transparent using the Tools Web.2. and why the need to create learning networks and the creation of a permanent updated profile.
We also highlight the interconnection between the three units ppel as a necessary process for good online learning. (Freedom Cooperative>>> Online Teaching Techniques>>> Transparency Online).

Thus, a student Erica is satisfied, it can learn from everyone and everyone can learn from it.

Joaquim Pinto

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  1. Thanks for the review!
    This trilogy was very amusing to do, although I had some difficulties to make it coherent along the 3 LO. I think the final product is very good, in terms of Instructional Design and information based in research.